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Brillig is the pen name of a sweet little girl from Utah who is the youngest of six children from an extremely adventurous set of parents. By the ripe old age of 2, Brillig was a world traveler. Over the years, Brillig has studied more than ten languages, though she only considers herself to speak four–English, Spanish, Italian, and German. She has lived on four continents–North America, South America, Europe, and Asia, and has traveled extensively throughout much of the world. Brillig is passionate about History, Literature, Theater, and Opera, all of which make her sound rather snooty, but she likes to think that she’s NOT snooty. :-)
Because, see, the snootiness ends when the fun begins. Brillig loves to laugh and to make others laugh. She watches television shows aimed at teenagers. She collects vinyl records from the eighties and can sing every word to every Duran Duran song ever released. She likes to think of herself as an intellectual, but her spell check just informed her that she spelled intellectual WRONG. See? This is who you’re dealing with here, folks.

And now, Brillig has embarked on the craziest adventure of them all–MOTHERHOOD. She and her husband had four children in four and a half years, the oldest of whom is currently 5. Live is busy. Life is full. Life is happier than she ever dreamed possible.