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(I have been working on this post for, oh, three days now. So when I say “today” I’m really talking about MONDAY. )
Carla, Kateastrophe, and The Bakers Rock all wanted to hear about “a day in the life of Brillig.” So, here we go!

This morning I woke up at 6:00 a.m. after going to bed around 2:00 a.m. (This is not a strange sleep routine for me, alas, as many of you know who have noticed me blogging in the middle of the night.) But today I woke up with visions of Donny Osmond dancing in my head, due, I suppose, to staying up way too late last night watching videos to find just the perfect one for this post.

So, after rubbing the Donny Osmond from my sleepy eyes, I went downstairs to get Princess Fluffy and get her ready for school–her school uniform was all set out, ready for her to put it on after her bath.

Just as she was nearly ready, I woke up the three boys and loaded everyone into the car to drive clear across town to Fluffy’s school, and then turned around and came home. First item of business once we returned home was, of course, to check my email. Oh, how I love those of you in different timezones who leave comments for me while I sleep!!!

Anyway, as I was blogging/emailing/cre8buzzing/IMing, I heard a crash. Uh-oh. I ran into the kitchen and found that Scooby had dropped a jar of strawberry jam, which shattered when it hit the hard tile floor. Shards of glass and glops of red jam were EVERYWHERE. Sigh. Poor kid scared himself to death, so I first comforted him in his terror and then I sent him to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while I cleaned up the mess. I would normally make him help me clean up, but because this one contained lots of broken glass I decided to remove him from the premises.

Once that was cleaned up, it was time for Scooby and Fuzzles to take their naps, so I gathered up their various must-have items and snuggled them down in their beds. Bubba wanted to go play outside with his friends, so I sent him out and realized that I had an utterly quiet house! How did I want to spend my free time? Well, I wanted to play the piano and sing through some of my favorite pieces. So, I selected the sheet music that I wanted and adjusted the piano bench and opened the fall board. Except… the fall board wouldn’t open.

At this point, I began to panic. You see, the piano in question is my parents’ piano which I’m babysitting. It’s an original Wm. Knabe (original, as in, back when Knabe was actually made by Knabe, as opposed to the new ones that are made in Korea by Sammick–and yes, there IS a HUGE difference) baby grand. It is an absolute treasure… and it’s broken.

I fished around to see what was going on and found that Scooby, I presume, had jammed a hot wheels car into the fall board, behind the keys. There’s NO way to get this out without taking the piano apart. I haven’t yet done that… I’m not exactly an expert at disassembling priceless pianos… I’m still rather stressed about this…

Soon it was time to take Bubba to preschool, post lunch and baths, etc. I loaded all three boys into the car (keep in mind that all of my children still need carseats, by law, so “jumping in the car” is a HUGE ordeal) and off we went to preschool.

Four kids, one shopping cart.

(Fuzzles doesn’t really look this scary—not quite sure what’s up with the pale sickly look. Haha.)

After picking up all the essentials, like diapers, fruit snacks, string cheese, and hairclips (because Fluffy seriously seems to go through a thousand of these a week), and hearing “Mommy, can I have this? PLEASE? PLEASE MOMMY? I’ll be really good! I’ll clean my room! I won’t hit anybody! I’ll eat all my food at dinner! I won’t pick my nose anymore! PLEASE mommy?” about every single item we passed in every single aisle, we headed home. Hubby called to say he was on his way, and how would I feel about going to the canyon for dinner and marshmallow-roasting and a Gospel lesson (every Monday night, we gather our kids together for a Gospel lesson and a fun activity—we call it “family home evening” even though we’re not actually “home” for it a lot of the time). Anyway, I said SURE! So we gathered the wood and the marshmallows and sweaters for everyone and headed up the canyon. Hubby and the boys did a lovely job on the fire—Fluffy even took a photo of it:

When the littlest boys and I returned home, I set to work. I have a goal that every day I will dedicate an hour to housework. If I don’t schedule a full hour, nothing ever gets done. As you can imagine, I hope, with four little ones as little as mine are, keeping the house under control is Mission: Impossible. But I do feel a lot better about myself, my home, and my abilities when I do that hour’s work. And what doesn’t get done just doesn’t get done. But at least I try.

Then, of course, it was time to go get Bubba from preschool. If it sounds like I spend my life loading and unloading children from the car, then you’ve got us figured out. That’s my life. So, we got Bubba, whose preschool is on the exact opposite end of town from Fluffy’s school. So even though Bubba gets out 45 minutes earlier than Fluffy, I have to head directly to Fluffy’s school after picking him up.

Then, I sat in the car, in that interminable line to pick Fluffy up from Kindergarten. Fortunately, the car is stocked with granola bars for the boys, my All American Rejects CD which is oddly the kids’ favorite thing in the world right now, and my copy of Shannon’s Mirror, the outstanding novel by Luisa from Novembrance. More on the book in a different post, coming soon…

Once we finally got through the line and got Princess Fluffy, we headed to Walmart. Sigh. Walmart is crazy enough. Walmart with four kids ages 5 and under is INSANE. Walmart with four kids at that time of day is enough to get you hauled off in a straight jacket. Just this photo of the shopping cart alone could cause any mother to start hyperventilating, so consider yourselves warned:

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